wax melts, soy candle and bath salts from the hulu range.

Hulu is an independent business focussed on producing the finest quality soy candles and wax products whilst minimalising the impact on the environment. Products are carefully sourced for recycleability and from suppliers who are aslo proud to be cruelty free. Every single procuct is weighed out, poured, labelled and stored with care to ensure the finest end result.

Soy Candles and more...

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Soy Candles

Soy candles are the backbone of hulu. What started out as a hobby has evolved into an artisinal business. With a simple branding and in contemporary containers we let the soy candles speak for themselves. Made with 100% soy wax, carefully wicked and tested and in a wide variety of fragrances, there is bound to be something you like.

We have classic jars, contemporary lidded jars and apothecary jars which look super cool anywhere. 

Soy Melts

Soy melts are great alternative to candles. All the fragrance without the flame, altough for me the ambience created by a flame is irresistable. Many customers say they love soy melts because you can swap fragrances so easily. All melts come in packs of 12 at 100g.

Keep checking the hulu shop as the soy melts range is constantly growing.

Reed Diffusers

Reed diffusers are a great way to fragrance a room. Hulu reed diffusers are hand made using the highest quality fibre reeds and the tried and tested fragrances used in soy candles and soy melts. Diffusers are 160ml and will last at least six weeks.

Why Do We Burn Candles?

A Guest Piece by Jo at myanxiouslife.com


There’s no denying candles are great for relaxation – whether they’re burning in the treatment room at a massage or adorning the edges of your bubble bath, they’re the go-to little self-care tool. The light they provide is a warm and natural glow, not like the harsh artificial light of shops and office spaces that we’re used to. The gentle flickering movement is soothing and mesmerising. They’re often infused with calming essential oils. And when you close your eyes, the little sporadic crackles can transport you to a soft rug by a grand fireside, or to stargazing in the forest at night beside a blazing campfire. 

With these simple sensory pleasures, candles can help create an atmosphere of calm and well-being that can help to reduce anxiety, alleviate stress and encourage a good night’s sleep.


So you’re nice and relaxed and in the mood to take things one step further. Many people use candles in visualisation, gratitude rituals and meditation. In fact, there’s a whole purification method in certain forms of yoga called Trataka, where staring at the candle flame helps you to quiet the mind, achieve a meditative state, visualise your thoughts – and supposedly bring energy to the third eye to promote physic ability.


Emotional comfort/familiarity

Whilst I was doing a little reading around the subject, I came across a lovely piece that linked our love for candles with their traditional, historic and religious associations. Light is the symbol for goodness, purity, life, where darkness has typically been a symbol of fear and death, and so the candle became established as a positive symbol in rituals and traditions in just about every culture across the world.

We burn them to represent life and joy at birthdays and celebrations; we burn them during prayer and worship to represent our faith, our souls, our chosen God; we burn them to remember our lost loved ones through light instead of sorrow; we burn them in vigils to guide lost souls home. 

So now, even if we’re not actively burning a candle for one of these reasons, we may still feel the comfort and love that’s associated with these things and subconsciously rooted within us.  


Candles are used in a variety of ways to promote health. Have you tried a Hopi ear candle treatment? A traditional, natural therapy designed to remove toxins and wax from the ear, it’s alleged to help reduce stress and tension headaches, as well as aid with conditions such a tinnitus, sinusitis and hayfever.

You can use candles to help realign specific chakras. And of course, all the things I’ve mentioned above – relaxation, meditation, comfort – are great for your mental health and overall well-being.

But that brings me to the type of candles you’re using, because if  you’re burning traditional paraffin wax candles, they’re going to undo all your good work – they might be cheap but they’re pretty toxic and won’t do your lungs (or your paint/wallpaper, whilst we’re at it), any good. Beeswax (which is rather expensive!) and soy candles are where it’s at if you want all the benefits, without the nasties.

fresh peach soy wax candle

Fresh Peach soy wax candle.


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